Don Sizzle - Love Lift EP - Artwork

A day late, but we wanted to wish all you House Music lovers a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jackin Essentials Don Sizzle Love Lift EPAnd just in time to spread that love around is our brother from up north, Don Sizzle. Don’s cut of the EP, Get Up People, was included in this week’s Jackin Essentials over at Traxsource and we are diggin’ on that! The write up for the full release is below followed by links to grab a copy at your favorite online shop. We hope all is well and thank you for the continued support.

Here to kick things off for Elevated Tracks in 2016 is the Canadian born, Toronto based producer known as Don Sizzle. Don is no stranger to the underground house scene. His tunes have been played out by some of house musicโ€™s most well known and respected DJs. We had been buggin’ Don for an EP and now it’s time to proudly welcome him to the #ElevatedFam.

The Love Lift EP paints a perfect sonic picture of our renewed Elevated idealogy: positively uplifting and promisingly funky. Don Sizzle has provided a simple audio palette that anyone can play, dance too and enjoy. The first track of the EP, ‘Get Up People,’ comes out swinging with its squishy grooves, lo-fi sonic textures, and giant brass melodies. For a simple underground house track, its got a larger than life sound thatโ€™s perfect for any dance floor. Just add a cup of sexiness, skin, sweat and you’ll be ready to go.

When the time has come to pick up the pace in your set, Don Sizzle, aka the Disco House Gigolo, has the answer (again) with his second track off the EP, ‘Love Lift.’ His dubby discofied translation of the classic 60’s hit blends a 21st century sound with timeless nostalgia. Don’s magical touch with editing, filtering, and layering brings new energy to a song whose life spans generations. House music will always go in many directions, but when it gets back to that old stuff, that good stuff, that fun stuff โ€“ that’s when it’s time to really go out and live, dance and truly be free.

Don Sizzle - Love Lift EP - Artwork

Hey, hey party people โ€“ we wanted to let you know that audio previews of our next release are now up and available to stream. We have them in this site’s music player as well as on SoundCloud. Don Sizzle’s Love Lift EP is a two-tracker of funky disco fun. Great to DJ or dance too. You might even do both! ๐Ÿ˜€

Love Lift EP on SoundCloud

Discography page

Don Sizzle’s Artist page

Cheers and thanks for taking the time to check it out!

Jan 13 2016

Meet Don Sizzle

Don Sizzle Photo

Hey everyone โ€“ glad you could make it. Today’s post is to introduce you to Don Sizzle, one of our new additions to the Elevated Fam. Don’s Love Lift EP will be the next release from Elevated and is due out in the coming weeks. As always, we will keep you updated here as well as on Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

Hope you have a minute to check out Don’s artist page which can be easily found by clicking here. Cheers.

Open House Chicago Flyer

Yo! Yo! Yo!

If you’re looking to get your Monday boogie on head on over to The Crocodile tonight for Open House Chicago. South of Roosevelt’s JP will be joined by Open House resident (and Elevated artist) Blake Walker, as well as Dirty “It’s A Lifestyle” Lary.

+ Dirty Lary (Phunk Junk Records)
+ JP (South of Roosevelt)
+ Blake Walker (Sugarcane Family)

Drink Specials and Free Pizza.
No Cover. No Dress Code. Relaxed Environment.

South of Roosevelt Deejay Mix Artwork

We found this mix on a SD card recently. It’s a warm up set from right before when we played the Dark + Deep party here in Chicago. Heavy basslines and a little on the deeper and darker side of things โ€“โ€“ this mix should be played on a proper rig.

Listen to South of Roosevelt’s mix on SoundCloud here: South of Roosevelt’s “Deejay Mix”

House Is A Home, Volume 5 Artwork

“Anytime” from Maggs Bruchez makes the cut!

House Is A Home, Volume 5, an ongoing featured series courtesy of Modern Revival, is out now and available on the pick-up. We are always happy to see tunes from the catalog get scooped up for great compilations like this. House Is A Home, Volume 5 also features music from Fred Everything, James Curd, Smokingroove, Joey Chicago, Natural Rhythm, Filta Freqz and more.

Hit one of the links below to listen to the full release.
Beatport Pro


You can also learn more about Maggs Bruchez and their label, Emby, by clicking here.
You can also read more about their EP, The Heights, by clicking here.


Oct 21 2015

Gonzo-Gonzo is back!

Gonzo-Gonzo โ€“ Just Keep Making Music EP Artwork

Back again with the latin plan, Guatamalan house music guru Gonzo-Gonzo has returned to Elevated Tracks for the release of his second EP, Just Keep Making Music. If you were fans of his first Elevated release, For Your Love EP, we promise that you’re really gonna vibe out and get down to his latest new jams.

Leading off this smokin hot EP is the title track, Just Keep Making Music. Fresh, dubby, and smoother than a babies rump, Just Keep Making Music brings that deep disco house vibe to the dance floor in epic fashion. Built upon progressive simple melodies and drums, this track earns it’s smooth edge from the various layers of keys, guitars, and percussion that build and retract throughout the arrangement. Added in for flavor is a powerful vocal sample that helps define the reasons why we as musicians do what we do. And it sounds pretty cool too.

The second track off Gonzo-Gonzo’s latest release is the flavorful latin house track, Dejame Canter. The essence of this wonderful track is built on the sexy female vocal melodies Gonzo-Gonzo uses and edits throughout, along with the afro cuban percussion rhythms and keys that push and swing the beat. If you’re looking for something fun and smooth to bring that sexy vibe to your next party, give this track a spin. We promise that not only will it bring the ladies out to your dance floor, but it might get you laid too.

Scoop up the goods at your favorite spot below!
Elevated Web Shop
Beatport Pro